After the Versace for H&M show in NYC last Tuesday, H&M sent me this EXCLUSIVE dress worn on the catwalk.

This little red dress is an exclusive piece from the Versace for H&M fashion show, in fact, only 2 of these were made for the show in NYC, thats it, there are only 2 red versions of this dress in the whole world and guess what? One can be yours, yes, YOURS!
This red dress will not be sold in stores, only the purple version will, which means that you will own a ONE OF A KIND, how cool is that?

So, by this point, you must be wondering; What do I have to do to win this?

-Leave a comment letting me know which party would you love to wear this dress to.
-Dont forget to leave your name and email address so we can contact you in case you win.
-You can only leave 1 comment.
-The winner will be chosen randomly.
-The contest ends on the 16 of November (before the Versace for H&M collection launches)and the dress is a European size 38.




All photos by me for

I said it before and I will say it again; WHAT A NIGHT!

It all started on Tuesday night by the Hudson River on Pier 57. The location was a run down Marine and Aviation building and as I walked inside through a long corridor, I stumble upon a huge room full of mirrors with golden frames and packed with people. I found a few of my friends and as I was talking to them I realized that Jessica Alba was standing right next to us and wow is she stunning or what?!
Then we were moved to another huge room with a golden catwalk in the form of a labyrinth so I proceeded to find my seat and boy was I happy about my spot.

I am not going to bore you with a description of the show, thats why I took so many pictures and shot a video for you, so you could create your own opinion about it, what I will say tho, is that this has to be one of the most amazing events I have been to since I started blogging, hands down.
Versace and H&M definitely achieved throwing one of the most amazing shows + After parties, I mean, they had Prince performing, PRINCE!!! (as in Purple rain Prince ;). Blake Lively, Jennifer Hudson, Linda Evangelista, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Mark Ronson, Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Terry Richardson, Niki Minaj you name it, they were all there.

I managed to score a few pieces from the collection and even tho its not really what you would see me wearing on a regular basis, I intend of having fun with it and twisting it to fit my wardrobe. But which were my favorites? Hands down the bomber jacket, in fact, I fell in love with the mens version (some of you already saw it on my twitter here), but surprisingly, I found myself obsessed with everything with the palm tree print on it, even the mens garments, who would have thought?

When the party was over, I was sitting on the shuttle bus back to my hotel thinking of how happy and how grateful I am to be able to have experiences like this and again, HUGE thanks to H&M and Versace for making me a part of this!!!

P.S- the last photo is certainly not the best quality “Look of the day” pic I have ever posted, but I wanted to show you what I decided to wear for the show.

P.S2- The video is coming later today followed by the pics of the after party ;) 


All photos taken by me / I took the first photo last September.

Picture this; I am comfortably sitting at my office aka my dining room working very hard on the blog when I receive a phone call from H&M that said something along these lines; We want to invite you to the Versace for H&M fashion show in NYC this November. 
For a second I though: “Where is the hidden camera? am I getting punked?” and if so, could Ashton Kutcher please appear now?. 
Few seconds later, once I realized it was in fact true, I proceeded to check my calendar begging I didn’t have any other commitments on those days and when I realized I was as free as butterfly, the excitement kicked in and I almost spilled all my coffee over my keyboard, which would have blogger a disaster, but when it happened, all I could think of was my trip to NYC.

I am flying there on Monday and I.CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.THE.SHOW … See you in the big apple!!!


Imaginate esto; Estoy en la oficina de StyleScrapbook (osea mi comedor) trabajando arduamente en el blog, cuando de pronto me llega una llamada de H&M para invitarme al desfile de Versace para H&M en Nueva York.
Por un segundo pensé; “¿Donde esta la cámara escondida?” y “Por favor que sea Punk y aparezca Ashton Kutcher”, pero segundos después cuando me di cuenta que era cierto, di un salto de la emoción y casi se me derrama todo el cafe en el teclado de mi mac pero fue completamente imposible contenerme :P

Me voy a NY el Lunes y juro que ni puedo esperar ni un segundo mas.