Guys! here is the quickest of updates to share a bunch of pics from the first day again, I came back from the Bloglovin awards few hours ago and It was SO MUCH FUN!

Did some of you watch the LiveStream? I cant even tell you what an amazing time we had and ended up after-party hopping at the Standard hotel in the Meat Packing district and after went for a bite to eat in the smelliest limousine ever to Joes Pizza….WHAT A NIGHT! Pics coming soon!

♥ from New York


Ladies and gentlemen, huge apologies for the lack of updates yesterday but things are hectic, between shows, after parties and well, NEW YORK CITY itself!, I haven’t had time to go though all the pics I have taken. 
I am literally editing little bits during the night and in the early morning so here is the first set of pics, just to show you what I wore for my first day of NY FW.

I am having such an amazing time and I am really sad that its going to end in few days but before I get all pessimistic about leaving, I will tell you that I still have few awesome shows to go to and last but not least, the  BLOGLOVIN’ awards tonight! Will you be watching the LiveStream? If the answer is yes, they I will see you tonight! or more like you will see me, us, everyone who is coming!

P.S-Huge thanks to Michael Kors for the amazing present they sent me!